NEW PBG on Spore! Hope you enjoy it. =D

NEW PBG on Spore! Hope you enjoy it. =D



I’ve been subscribing to a lot of people lately. I’m also watching a lot of ProJared’s older videos.

Oct. Video/Zelda Month video updates #1!

I’ll be doing regular updates on the upcoming videos during the next couple months! The purpose of this is both to keep you guys updated, as well as keep myself on track! =D

October Video: 55%
- Footage captured, Script written, V/O’s recorded!

Zelda Month Video 1: 55%
- Footage captured, Script written, V/O’s recorded!

Zelda Month Video 2: 5%
- Idea established, some vague notes written down.

Zelda Month Video 3: 1%
- Idea established

Zelda Month Video 4: 1%
- Idea established

Zelda Month Video 5: 0%
- Idea was established, but I forgot what it was. Step 1: Remember what it was and then write it down. ;D

*** All estimates are just that, estimates! Depending on the video, certain steps take longer than others.

witchdumpling said: Are you going to do any more The Forest videos? I thought the one you did was really great! :D

I might, but I’d rather wait for the full game! The early build is fun, but there’s some game breaking bugs. Or at least, there was last time I played it.

infinitefaller said: Eyy PBG, so I know you got an iPad and everything, but are there any games on the App Store that you find you play a lot? (Besides Minecraft, if you do. Just needed some more games to play ^^;)

I don’t play Minecraft on mobile. I’d be curious to try it someday, just to see how it plays, but… Not curious enough to pay for it. 

Surprisingly enough, the game I’ve played most on the Ipad is a little puzzle game called “Ruzzle”. Dumb name, but it’s incredibly addicting. 

Other than that, I’ve played a good amount of Swords and Sworcery and FTL. 

c-pm said: McJones is your brother?! :o You probably get that a lot but it's a surprise to me!

Yep, he is! 

ary4sp0ck said: Hey PBG, I bet you've been asked this a bunch, but any input on the Sam Pepper thing? If you don't feel like talking about that, then Pros and Cons of Wii U in your opinion?

I don’t know who that is, sorry! 

And I love my Wii U. Haven’t played it much since Wind Waker HD and Pikmin 3, but I know I’ll be getting good use out of it for years to come, so I ain’t even mad. Hyrule Warriors, for example. 


Belated Hermione speedpaint for Sketch Dailies


Belated Hermione speedpaint for Sketch Dailies

(via unicornism)

Anonymous said: Hey PBG, what's the difference between minecraft and Terraria? It seems like Terraria is just like a 2D version of mincraft with more variety in monsters and no Nether. At least, that's what i gathered. I'm sure there's more I'm missing.

I feel like Minecraft is more about adventure and building. Terraria is more about fighting monsters/bosses and getting better gear/items for your character. 

mets-in-trains said: When you do a list, do you play through all of the games you feature to get to the part you need? Because that is a tremendous amount of work in some cases and I applaud you for you dedication to the craft.

I do about 90% of the time! I make sure to get my own footage whenever possible because I think it makes my videos better. As I’m playing through the game/games it gives me ideas for things to talk about/funny stuff to add. 

Occasionally there’s something I just can’t get for whatever reason, so I’ll get it off YT or something. 

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