beelzebuddy said: BRUH UNT ARE YOU STILL GOING???

Nope! I’ve been out of school for 2-3 years now. (I’m bad at keeping track of time.)

ferdinandpeguin said: Do you plan on ever having other trg members besides Tim on hardcore? I wouldn't mind seeing that!


mrrevz said: Hey, I plan on going to UNT too! Do you have any advice or anything to help me out with the school or city next year?

My only advice would be try to live on, or at least be active on campus, if possible. As an introvert who lived off campus… I didn’t make many friends, lol.

Anonymous said: So what hardcores do you have planned? Personally I think they're the best videos on PBGGameplay ,the air of Dramedy works so well

We’re working on Terreria Hardcore now! Hopefully it won’t be too much longer. =) 

sallysfunnykiss96 said: As someone that has spent most of their life living in central Texas, I'm curious- where did you and Jon live? Hearing about two of my favorite Internet-famous people making 3 AM trips to Whataburger made me laugh a little too hard...

We lived in Denton! I was going to UNT at the time. It was the Whataburger just off campus. =) 

simonsays289 said: PBG! do you still have your two ferrets?

Yep! They’re little fluffy butt heads. They wrecked my room up last night when I wasn’t paying attention to them, haha. 

I <3 them though. 


(round one) [jelder5591]

Oh I know this all too well. 


(round one) [jelder5591]

Oh I know this all too well. 

(via nintendofanftw)

x-maskedrainbows-x said: Have you ever played Fire Emblem, or any Ace Attorney games? If you have, did you enjoy the game(s)?

I’ve played both, and yes, I enjoy them! Though I’ve only played Fire Emblem for the GBA. Haven’t tried any other entry yet. I hear the 3DS one is excellent.

sariasunshine said: Hi! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. You bring out so much joy in your videos. Thank you!

Thank you so much! =)

I used to make videos because I wanted to, and of course I still do. But as my channel has grown, and I’ve seen how the videos I make effect people, attempting to make people happy and forget the problems they may be having for at least a brief moment has become an increasingly large focus for me.

skywhaler said: What was the deal with apples and grapes. like why apples, and why grapes? This question has plagued me for years.

Because that’s what we bought at the store the night before. We had a sort of inside joke brewing from it already, so it just made it into a video somehow. =P

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