Terraria Hardcore #2 is here! Ft. ProtonJon, SpaceHamster, Satchbag, Dean, McJones, and Barry! 
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9g5zKOjEW0

Terraria Hardcore #2 is here! Ft. ProtonJon, SpaceHamster, Satchbag, Dean, McJones, and Barry! 


Anonymous said: Are you really made out of peanut butter?


16-bitsofpixels said: Are there anymore games in the PuttPutt series? If so, could you please do a video on them? The other PuttPutt video had me tearing up from laughter, and I'd like to watch more PuttPutt shenanigans. Thank you for your time.

Yes, there’s two more in the main series! I do plan on covering them soon! 





mlepbounce said: What was your favourite video to make? (Both channels)

Even though I don’t think they’re good, I had a lot of fun making the Darkseed videos. I think it was because they’re so different then the kinda game I usually talk about.

I also really enjoyed making the Ben Drowned G-Files because I got to replicate a lot of the Ben Drowned videos and have some fun with other codes. It’s because of that video that I decided to do the hacking videos.

Anonymous said: What do you think about mega 64?

I like Mega 64 a lot. I used to listen to their podcasts at my old job while I delivered pizzas. Got me through a lot of long and boring shifts.

vidiotdragon said: Do you actually like the Cranberries? Because you sort of sing Zombie in nearly all of your Hardcore series'.

To be honest, that’s the only Cranberries song I know, and I don’t even know all the words. I only know the song because a girl in my old WoW guild used to sing it every time we raided. It’s kinda engraved into my head now, lol.

cupc4ke5tar said: How can I get my boyfriend to be as fabulous as you?

Feed him a lot of pizza. That won’t make him awesome, but at least he’ll have pizza. And then you can take some from him.

On second though, just get yourself pizza and ditch him. That’s probably good advice.

heartagramrook said: Hey PBG! I was wondering if you were planning on coming to any east coast cons sometime soon? Magfest mayhaps? It would be epic to meet you!

I’ll probably go to MAGFest again this year! Other than that, no specific plans for East Coast stuff.

awemazinguy said: Where do you get all your gifs?


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